2019 Pickin’ In the Park

Plan on attending the Arts & Crafts, Antiques and Food Fair

Arts & Crafts, Antiques and Food will be set up throughout Lincoln Park.

Booths will be assigned as applications and fees are received. Electricity is $10 extra for non-food vendors and $25.00 for food vendors and there is a very limited supply. Vendors are responsible for all cords and hookups. This year, each vendor will be given a Little Balkans Day button to allow free access to our button events. We are planning on a one day event with the Arts & Crafts, Antiques & Food Fair being held all day Saturday!

This year’s event is August 30, 2019 – September 1, 2019 with an all day Arts & Crafts Fair on August 31, 2019.

Vendor parking will be provided near the festival location and check in will occur at a location to be determined and announced later.

We strongly encourage artisan and handmade crafts in the festival, and would love to see demonstrations!

For more information about Little Balkans Days contact:
Little Balkans Days Festival Vendor Applications and Questions about the Arts, Crafts, Antiques and Food Fair, contact:

Edra Meyer
(620) 231-7561
E-mail: littlebalkansdays@gmail.com

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We Look Forward to Seeing You Labor Day Weekend!

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